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JD Steel Industries proudly presents its high-quality Barbed Wire, a trusted and time-tested solution for all your fencing and security needs. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, our Barbed Wire is designed to provide maximum protection and ensure long-lasting performance.

Key Features:

  1. Robust Construction: Our Barbed Wire is made with two strands of wire, featuring 2-4 sharp barbs spaced 3-6 inches apart. The double-twisted design enhances its strength and effectiveness.
  2. Multiple Gauges and Finishes: We offer Barbed Wire in wire gauges of SWG 12, 13, and 14, allowing you to choose the most suitable option for your specific requirements. Galvanized (Hot-Dipped and Electroplated) and colored finishes are available in our stock.
  3. Easy Handling and Installation: The Barbed Wire is conveniently packaged in coil form, weighing approximately 20-25 kilos, making it easy to transport and install.
  4. Corrosion Resistance: Built to withstand harsh environments, our Barbed Wire offers excellent protection against corrosion, ensuring its longevity and reliability.
  5. Versatile Applications: Whether it’s securing perimeters, protecting properties, or creating obstacles for enhanced security, our Barbed Wire is a versatile solution suitable for various applications.


  1. Enhanced Security: The sharp barbs on our Barbed Wire act as an effective deterrent against trespassing, providing a strong physical barrier to protect your property and assets.
  2. Cost-Effective Solution: JD Steel Industries offers competitive pricing, making our Barbed Wire an affordable choice for your fencing and security needs.
  3. Easy Customization: We cater to bulk orders and can customize the specifications of the Barbed Wire to meet your specific demands, ensuring a tailored solution for your project.
  4. Reliable Durability: Our Barbed Wire is built to withstand the test of time, delivering long-lasting performance even in demanding environments.
  5. Trusted Quality: JD Steel Industries has a reputation for delivering top-quality products, and our Barbed Wire is no exception. Trust in our expertise and commitment to excellence.

Choose JD Steel Industries for your Barbed Wire needs and experience superior security and durability. Contact us today to explore the options available and discover how our Barbed Wire can provide reliable protection for your fencing and security requirements.

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