Hexagonial Wire Mesh

Hexagonial Wire Mesh

Hexagonal wire mesh is made up of low carbon grade galvanized wire, stainless steel wire and PVC coated wire. However, at JD Steel Industries we have so far engineered ourselves in the first two types. The assortments in Galvanized hexagonal wire meshes manufactured are Galvanized Electroplated and Galvanized Hot Dipped before and after weave. Stainless Steels Hexagonal meshes are made in austenitic and ferric steels on customer demand.

There are two processes involved in the manufacturing of hexagonal Wire Netting which are straight twist in two or three turns and second one includes reverse twisted in double direction. We at JD Steel Industries are manufacturing the first type.

The galvanize material in Hexagonal Wire performs well to corrosion and good resistance to oxidation. The twisting gives hexagonal mesh pretty good strength and better binding force for even the material which are temperature attaining when packed.

Hexagonal Mesh variety of uses includes cages for birds, Rock wool and decorative purposes, composite in cement concrete, room coolers for grill protection.


Gabions are another product manufactured from Hexagonal wire mesh. Thicker wire gauges are used to make gabion boxes. Stones are filled up in these boxes which are used in dams for flood protection. The flexible and permeable structures, makes it suitable for retaining roads along the mountainous regions. Similarly, when rocks are filled in the rectangular box and embedded on the floors of sea makes these large structures becomes a huge force in order to sustain broad way structures such as bridges. The basic purpose is the stabilization of the base of the bank and erosion control. The high strength, massive tolerance and its dynamic ability to sustain hydrostatic pressure are the leading advantages making them suitable for use.

The double and triple twisted in the body of Hexagonal wire mesh makes it unravel even when the Gabion is cut.

Hex Square Size:
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